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How To Start a Blog and Make Money: 7 Quick TOP Tips in 2024

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Want to Start a blog and make money online is more appealing than ever in today’s digital world. Imagine having more ways to earn money beyond just ads. With 2024 on the horizon, new ways like subscription models, NFT social tokens, and the Metaverse are changing how bloggers make money. Are you ready to turn your passion into a profitable online business?

How To Start a Blog and Make Money

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • The subscription economy offers predictable, scalable revenue from exclusive content and communities.
  • Social tokens allow fans to invest in a creator’s success, opening new income streams.
  • The Metaverse presents opportunities for building virtual experiences and selling digital assets.
  • Hyper-granular audience data will drive the future of influencer marketing for bloggers.
  • Choosing the right niche, content strategy, and monetization approach is crucial for success.

The Rise of the Consumer Subscription Model

The subscription economy has grown to be worth over $650 billion. People like the easy access subscriptions offer. Companies get steady, growing, and easy money from them. Bloggers can make money by giving special blog content, tools, or groups to paid members.

The Hustle and Morning Brew are great examples of blogs with successful subscription models. They give paid content that meets what their readers want. This way, bloggers can make a steady income from their work once they have a good number of readers.

Offering Exclusive Content, Resources, or Communities to Paid Subscribers

If you want to make money through your blog, it’s time to start offering exclusive content, resources, or communities to paid subscribers. As your blog grows, it’s possible to start monetizing effectively even within the first year of blogging. Implementing these strategies within your blog ensures consistent revenue. For those who don’t want to make their blog purely ad-based, offering premium content is a lucrative alternative

Subscription Revenue is Predictable, Scalable, and Largely Passive

Subscription revenue is different from one-time sales or ads. It gives bloggers a steady, ongoing income. This makes planning easier and allows for more investment in making content and growing the audience. Plus, as more people subscribe, the work involved becomes less, giving bloggers more time for other things.

The Craze Around NFT Social Tokens & Web3 Income Streams

The blogging world is changing fast, thanks to social tokens and new Web3 income streams. These tools are shaking up old ways of making money. Bloggers now have fresh chances to connect with their readers and earn more.

Social Tokens: Investing in a Creator’s Success

Social tokens are a new kind of cryptocurrency that lets fans invest in a blogger’s success. When fans buy these tokens, they’re basically investing in the blogger’s brand and future earnings. The tokens’ value changes with the blogger’s popularity and how happy their fans are.

This setup is great for bloggers. It lets them link their money goals with their biggest supporters.

Exploring Web3 Income Streams

Besides social tokens, bloggers can look into other Web3 ways to make money. They can lend out their online stuff in DeFi pools, sell NFT subscriptions for special content, or earn crypto by writing for decentralized blogs. These new Web3 chances could change how bloggers make money in this year and after.

Web3 income streams
Web3 income streams

As Web3 grows, smart bloggers can use these new ways to make money and grow. By using social tokens and exploring the decentralized web, bloggers can find new ways to grow and connect with their audience.

The Metaverse Content Goldrush

The Metaverse is expected to grow into an $800+ billion market by the current year. It’s a great chance for bloggers who think ahead. Big companies like Meta, Microsoft, and NVIDIA are putting a lot into the Metaverse. They need engaging content to get users on board. Bloggers can make money by creating Metaverse content.

Building Branded Virtual Spaces and Experiences

Blogging in the Metaverse means making virtual hangouts and 3D hubs. These can host VIP meetups and networking events. By working with brands, bloggers can earn money and give their fans unique Metaverse experiences.

Producing Immersive Video Series

The Metaverse is changing how we make videos. Bloggers can create and sell Metaverse videos that are more interactive than regular ones. These videos can be about anything, from virtual events to tours.

Selling NFT Wearables and Experiences

Selling NFTs for digital avatars is another way to make money in the Metaverse. As the Metaverse grows, so will the demand for unique virtual items. Bloggers can use their creativity and connections to sell NFTs, adding to their income.

The Metaverse is a new chance for bloggers to grow and connect with their audience in new ways. By using the Metaverse’s features, bloggers can make more money and offer unique experiences.


Creating a dedicated section on your blog for online courses

This is a brilliant way to monetize your expertise and share your knowledge with a wider audience. Imagine having a one-stop shop where visitors can easily access and enroll in courses that align with your blog’s niche, all while building your brand and establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

To set it up, create a clear and concise category or menu tab on your blog’s navigation bar, labeled “Online Courses” or “Learn with Us.” Within this section, you can organize your courses by topic, level, or format, making it easy for users to find and enroll in the courses that interest them.

The New Era of Blogger Influencer Marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog

The influencer marketing industry is booming, set to hit $49 billion during the current year. Brands now focus on detailed audience data to target customers perfectly. They look at psychographics, digital tracks, and how people behave online to get deep insights.

Bloggers who offer this detailed data can charge more for their work. Brands pay more to reach their best customers. We’re also seeing a mix of influencer marketing and new ways to make money, like NFTs and Web3 tech.

Hyper-granular Audience Segmentation Data for Targeted Influencer Deals

Old ways of targeting audiences are gone. Brands want very specific data to find their perfect customers. Bloggers who know their audience’s deep details will be top choices. Tools like Data Robot help bloggers find these insights, leading to better deals, also best used for this is Google search in a good way.

Convergence of Influencer Marketing with Subscription/NFT Models

Influencer marketing and making money from being a creator are coming together. Brands are trying new ways to work with influencers, using social tokens, NFTs, and decentralized ad deals. This opens up new ways for bloggers to start earning money, like owning a part of a brand’s success.

This changing world of influencer marketing brings both ups and downs for bloggers. Those who stay ahead and understand how to segment audiences and use Web3 can be key partners for brands.

influencer marketing

Choose Your Perfect Niche

Finding the right niche is key to a successful blog. A good niche helps you build a loyal audience and become an expert. It also opens doors to making money. But, how do you pick a niche that matches your interests and attracts readers?

Begin by looking at what you love and know well. What topics get you excited? What areas do you have deep knowledge in? Picking a niche you love makes creating content fun and keeps you going.

Then, check if people want what you’re thinking about. Use Google Trends to see how popular your ideas are. Look at online forums and social media to see what’s trending. This helps you find niches with lots of interested people and good money-making chances.

The best niches

The best niches mix your interests with what the market wants. Stay away from niches that are too wide or too narrow. A too-wide niche is hard to stand out in. A too-narrow niche limits your audience and growth.

Look at successful blogs like A Beautiful Mess, Chasing Foxes, and A Cup of Jo. They show how mixing different topics can lead to success. Or, focus on niches like the ketogenic diet, product photography, or mental health for profit.

Pick a niche you’re really into, has a big audience, and can make money from. With the right niche and quality content, you can build a successful blog and earn a steady income.

Niche selection

  • Focus on niches that align with your passions and expertise for greater content quality and consistency.
  • Research market demand using tools like Google Trends to ensure there’s an interested audience.
  • Strike a balance between a niche that’s broad enough to attract readers and specific enough to establish your authority.
  • Consider diversifying your content or choosing a laser-focused niche, depending on your goals and resources.
  • Validate your niche idea by analyzing the competition, monetization opportunities, and your ability to provide unique value.

With the right niche and quality content, you’re set for a successful blog and beyond.

Get Your Domain Name

Choosing the right domain name is key to a successful blog that can make money. Your domain name is the web address people use to find your blog. It should be easy to remember, fit your blog’s topic, and be simple to spell.

Here are some tips for picking the best domain name for your blog:

  1. Brainstorm keywords linked to your blog’s topic or niche. These can help shape your domain name.
  2. Go for a domain name that is short, simple, and easy to type. Stay away from long, complicated names.
  3. Think about using your personal or business name as your domain if it matches your blog’s theme.
  4. Use a domain registration service like Bluehost, GoDaddy, or Google Domains to check if your desired name is available.
  5. If your top choice is taken, try other top-level domains (TLDs) like .net, .org, or .blog to see if they’re free.
  6. When you find a name you like, register it quickly to lock in your online spot.

Your domain name is the core of your blog’s brand and online identity. Spend time picking a name that mirrors your content and connects with your audience. By using these tips, you’ll find a great domain name that helps your blog succeed online.

domain name selection

Choose Your Blogging Platform

Finding the right platform for your first blog is key to making money from your blog. There are many options, each with its own strengths. It’s important to think about what you need and what you want to achieve. Let’s look at the best platforms for turning your blog into a profitable venture.

WordPress is a top choice, running over 600 million websites worldwide. It’s easy to use, has lots of plugins and themes, and lets you customize your blog. WordPress offers a free plan and paid options starting at $2.75 a month, making it great for all levels of bloggers.

Wix is another great option, known for its drag-and-drop builder. It has a free plan but requires a paid upgrade for advanced features like e-commerce and analytics, starting at $16 a month.

  • Limitations on free blogging platforms: domain name ownership, monetization options, theme and plugin availability, customer support
  • Importance of customer support for the platform’s blog
  • WordPress’s popularity and versatility
  • Wix’s ease of use and pricing structure

Other platforms like Squarespace, Weebly, Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr are also worth exploring. Each has its own strengths and suits different bloggers. Some focus on a built-in audience (Medium, Tumblr), while others are great for e-commerce (Squarespace, Weebly).

Blogging Platform Pricing Key Features
WordPress Starting at $2.75/month Customizable, Vast plugin library, Monetization options
Wix Starting at $16/month Drag-and-drop builder, E-commerce capabilities, Analytics
Squarespace Starting at $12/month Professional templates, Built-in e-commerce, Analytics
Weebly Starting at $6/month Beginner-friendly, E-commerce features, SEO tools

traffic to your blog

When picking a platform to start a blog in 2024, think about ease of use, customization, making money, and support. Choosing the right one sets you up for success and profit.

Blogging platforms

How To Start to create a blog and Make Money

Starting a blog is a great way to share what you love, connect with others, and make money. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to write, knows a lot about something, or has a fresh view of things. We’ll show you how to start to create a blog and make money from it.

Establish Your Niche and Target Audience

First, pick a topic you’re really into. What do you know a lot about? What special things can you share with others? Finding your niche helps you make content that your readers will love and sets you apart.

Invest in a Memorable Domain Name and Hosting

After picking your niche, get your online spot. Pick a domain name that stands out and fits your brand. Also, choose a web host that keeps your blog safe and easy to find.

Develop a Content Strategy

Good content is key to a great blog. Plan your content to match your niche and who you want to reach. Try to post regularly, like one to four times a week. Quality is more important than how much you post, so focus on making content that’s interesting and helpful.

Monetize Your Blog

Here are ways to make money from blogging:

  • Affiliate Marketing: is the best and most successful way to make money blogging.
  • Display Advertising: Use platforms like Google AdSense to show ads on your blog and earn money from views or clicks.
  • Selling Products or Services: Sell your own digital or physical products, or offer services to your readers.
  • Sponsored Posts: Work with brands to create sponsored content that fits your blog and audience.

According to the Finance blog Millennial Money, bloggers can make $100,000 a year after two years. In the first year, they can earn $500-$2,000 a month. This shows how much money you can make from blogging.

Guest blogging is a fantastic opportunity to write a blog on another site, expanding your reach and boosting credibility. It’s an excellent strategy for growth and exchange with other blogging.

Analyze and Optimize

It’s important to keep an eye on your blog’s success. Look at your website stats often to see what your readers like, and what content does well, and make smart choices for your blog.

Starting a blog and making money takes time, effort, and a good plan. By following these steps and using smart ways to make money, you can drive traffic to your blog, and make your blog a successful online business.

blog monetization

Set Up Your Blog

Do you want to start a blog for free this time? you can feel overwhelmed at first. Breaking it down into steps makes it easier. Let’s look at the key elements you need to start your blog.

Find a Profitable Niche

First, pick a niche that matches your interests and can make money. Think about topics like fashion, travel, personal finance, or health and fitness. Choosing a niche you love makes writing fun and keeps you going.

Choose a Memorable Blog Name and Domain

Next, pick a blog name that stands out and fits your niche. Choose a domain name that’s easy to remember and matches your brand. Bluehost offers affordable web hosting with a free domain name, making it easy to start.

Design and Optimize Your Blog

With your niche and domain ready, focus on designing and optimizing your blog. Make sure your layout is easy to use and looks good. Include important pages like an About and Contact page to build your online presence. Also, make your blog easy to find online by using the right keywords and SEO-friendly URLs.

By following these steps, you’ll be ready to start your successful blog. The key to making blog income is to give your readers great content and different blog topics. With hard work and a good plan, already you’re starting a blog and can make your blogging dreams come true.

Blogging Niche Example Blogs Potential Monthly Income
Fashion The Blonde Salad, Sincerely Jules $500 – $10,000+
Travel The Blonde Abroad, Nomadic Matt $500 – $15,000+
Personal Finance The Simple Dollar, Get Rich Slowly $500 – $20,000+
Health & Fitness Tone It Up, Fit Bottomed Girls $500 – $10,000+

blog setup

With hard work and a good plan, you can make your blogging dreams come true and beyond. your blog could give you good luck on your blogging journey!

last note before publishing your first blog post

Before we wrap up, let’s reflect on the key points. When you learn how to make money by starting your own blog, you unlock a world of possibilities. There are numerous reasons to start a blog, from sharing your passions to establishing a personal brand. Selecting the right blog hosting is crucial to ensure smooth performance and reliability. To get your blog online, start with a unique and memorable name for your blog. Look at an example of a blog that resonates with you for inspiration.

When deciding what content to choose for your blog, focus on what you love and what your audience needs. Use your blog to help others by providing valuable insights and resources. Remember, building a profitable blog takes time and dedication, but with the right strategies, success is within reach.


Congratulations on finishing this detailed guide on running a blog and making money with a blog in 2024! You’ve picked up key insights and strategies to make your blogging dream profitable.

You now know how to set goals, create great content, and use search engine optimization. These are the main tools to build a blog that makes money. Remember, being consistent is crucial. Keep improving your niche, making quality content, and trying out different ways to make money like affiliate marketing and subscriptions.

With the right mindset and the strategies from this guide, you’re ready to turn your blog into a successful online business. Keep up with the changing digital world, stay flexible, and keep learning. Your journey to making money through blogging begins now. Now, go out there and make your mark in the blogosphere!


What are the emerging income opportunities for bloggers in 2024?

Bloggers in 2024 can explore new ways to make money. This includes subscription-based models, NFT social tokens, and the Metaverse. By offering special blog articles or communities, they can earn a steady income from subscribers. Social tokens let fans support creators financially. The Metaverse offers chances to create virtual experiences and sell digital items.

How can bloggers tap into the subscription economy?

Bloggers can give exclusive content to paid subscribers. The Hustle and Morning Brew are great examples of this. They offer premium subscriptions that people love. The key is to give content that really meets the audience’s needs and wants.

What are social tokens, and how can bloggers use them?

Social tokens are digital assets that let fans invest in a creator’s success. When fans buy these tokens, their value changes with the creator’s popularity and community support. Bloggers can earn more by lending out their online assets, selling NFT subscriptions, or creating content for decentralized platforms.

How can bloggers capitalize on the Metaverse opportunity?

The Metaverse is set to be a huge market. Bloggers can make money by creating virtual spaces for fans, hosting events, selling Metaverse videos, or launching virtual conferences. They can also design and sell NFTs for digital avatars.

How will influencer marketing evolve for bloggers in 2024?

In 2024, brands will focus on detailed audience data to target customers better. Bloggers who offer deep audience insights will get more from influencer deals. There’s also a mix of influencer marketing and subscription/NFT models, with brands paying in social tokens or Web3 ads.

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